At KMSC Law we regularly rely on CartoGraphix to produce maps which support our evidence in hearings before various boards and tribunals.  The maps provided are always of a high quality and the staff are helpful. They frequently offer various ideas to aid in the presentation of our information. CartoGraphix Services is always prompt and has consistently provided for our requests either in advance of our required deadlines or on short notice. 

Erik Compton


Shaun has helped me on a number of occasions with creating custom maps, organizing work and developing our systems and processes that we use today.

I regularly use laminated copies of the maps that he has created for me for directing work in the field, along with gps files for our handheld GPS units that allows our workers to see and navigate easily in areas that they have not been to before.

I am currently having some maps made with custom information added in order to optimize and complete my work more efficiently.

I keep Shaun’s phone number in my favorites, as I don’t know how I did business before we met.

Lyle Freelend
Freelend Vegetation



When we started CLHbid.com we knew we would need access to the best maps and imagery available.  After investigating several options we elected to go with Cartographix Services Inc.  (‘CSI’).  CSI has been amazing to deal with, providing unbelievable service.   Often we are looking for imagery on short notice.  CSI has never let us down, providing value added services including overlays to aerial images.  By having CSI as part of the CLHbid.com team it has allowed us to take CLHbid.com to another level.   I would recommend CSI to anyone looking for first class maps and imagery.

Roy Carter
President & CEO



I have worked with Shaun Brocklehurst of CartoGraphix for over 15 years. I started using him when I worked in Sour Gas Release Emergency planning where it was crucial that I had up to date and detailed mapping. A lot of times I need mapping revised on short notice to be able to properly identify either release rates impacted areas or resident evacuations routes. I always found him to be very knowledgeable and easy to work with. I appreciated the input on how to simplify mapping yet have all the crucial information without cluttering up the maps. I’ve since switched to inspection work across western Canada in witch I have to access a lot of new areas often in remote areas. Shaun has always been able to supply up to date mapping. When routing issues come up due to old information, changed or closed roads or new builds I contact Shaun and he confirms what I have found against what he has and if revisions are needed they get done in a timely manner and incorporated with the next mapping updates. Shaun has also been very good at letting me know of new technologies that is coming out and how it can make my job easier or help me do a better more detailed report with some of the support tools that are available. This has saved me countless of times both in producing reports as well as working in remote hard to access places as well as around populated areas where access is not always what it appears due to geography, rivers, seasonal roads etc.
I have had consistent good experience and expertise that I appreciate for over a decade and through a couple of different industries. If you need generalized mapping services or very detailed and job specific mapping requirements I am confident that Shaun will be a great asset to have working with you and your organization.

Leo Nedelec
Triple L Supervision
Public Safety Supervisor
Pressure Vessel Integrity Inspector