I'd like a custom map made. How do we get started?

It basically comes down to two things: What paper size will work best for you, and what area you want to cover. From this we can figure out the level of detail (map scale) and how the layers will be displayed. Pricing is dependent on time spent and size/quantity of prints.  Contact us for info about creating custom maps.


Can you print aerial imagery maps?

Yes we can, but it depends on coverage of your area. Most areas have high-resolution imagery available, but some places (usually in the mountainous areas) have lower-res imagery that isn't suitable for printing. Please contact us for info about aerial imagery prints.


Where do you get your map data?

Our road data comes from PatchMap and most other data originates from government databases and is manage/updated in-house. We're constantly updating our databases for accuracy.


Can I have my map laminated?

Yes, prices vary, so please contact us to inquire about laminating. Laminating will delay shipping, but usually just a couple of days.


What's your return policy?

Don't like your map? Return it for a full refund. We'll also give you a credit on your next order to cover the return shipping.