Surface Rights Board Mapping

Surface Rights Board Mapping


When a rent review goes to the Board, there's one thing both sides can agree upon. 

Preparing for a hearing takes hours and hours of hard work. 

First, there's the research, then there's the binders. We know the preparation process can be painful, and while we can't make your binders for you, we can help you display all those comparable rentals you endlessly researched spatially, with a custom map. 

We'll identify your subject location and show all the comparables on a custom map. It's specific to your hearing, and we'll deliver the map as a printable, binder-ready 11 x 17 PDF. We can also provide hard copies, and if you need wide-format printing (something huge), we can do that, too. 

What We Need From You: A spreadsheet (or just a list) of comparable wells you'd like to use to illustrate rentals within a specified area. We can also include the SRB's file number your file numbers / AFEs, and any other applicable information you'd like displayed to help win your case. 

What To Expect From Us: We'll send a PDF for your review and we'll make any changes. Then we'll send you a printable PDF via email, or if you'd prefer hard copies, we can send those, too. 

If you'd like more information, please contact us at 780.897.4035